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Pocket Doors & Systems

Have you ever thought how much space hinged doors waste especially in confined areas e.g. Ensuites, Bathrooms, Utility rooms and hallways, Now think about a Sliding pocket door disappearing into the wall, wasting zero space ! 

Explore our premium pocket doors, blending style with space efficiency, perfect for Irish homes in Dublin, Galway, Cork. Our doors integrate smoothly with any decor, offering a modern, space-maximizing solution. Choose from diverse designs, including glass-paneled doors that brighten spaces while ensuring privacy. Ideal for renovations or new projects, our pocket doors cater to every taste. They slide effortlessly, providing seamless room transitions, especially in tight spaces where traditional doors falter. Dive into our collection and elevate your home with our sleek, innovative pocket door solutions, designed for sophisticated and practical living.


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Space Lost using a Hinged Door

Space Gained using a Sliding Door

 Which Sliding System ?

Before you start Looking and choosing your system you need to distinguish what type of system you require and which suits your situation best.

A Frame System With wall Parts or A System without wall Parts ?

How they work ?

A Sliding Pocket  frame System With Wall Components  is a complete kit of components consisting of steel or aluminium vertical uprights, connected to an upper sliding track system from which your chosen door is suspended from which then slides within this structural Framework, This framework is slabbed over with a standard gypsum board and concealed. An overall complete wall thickness of either 100mm or 125mm is achieved even with a standard 45mm door thickness.

A Sliding Top Hanging System Without Wall Components is a an upper sliding track system from which your chosen door is suspended from.The door is guided in place at the bottom by a bearing wheel, which is screwed to the floor, wheel face up , the bottom of your door is to be rebated and an alloy channel inserted to receive this bearing wheel. ( Can be left Exposed or concealed within a pocket )

A Sliding Bottom Rolling System with base Track  this system is different to the others with having a base track, ( This system suitable only as an exposed Solution  for it may prove difficult to clean the base track afterwards, if installed within in a Pocket )

All The Systems we provide are highly engineered robust and durable, undergo vigorous testing and are renowned worldwide for been the very best there is.

  Top Hanging Systems

Pocket Frame ( With Wall Parts )


Top Hanging System ( No Wall Parts )


Bottom Rolling System (With Base Track)


Pocket Systems

(Select From Below, your system of choice )

Pocket Frames

.                      ( with Wall Parts )

Top Hanging System

.                  ( No Wall Parts )

Bottom Rolling Systems

.                     ( with Base Track )


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