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Three Steps to Choosing your Sliding Doors


From Here you can View the different Materials and each materials associated Colours, Be it wardrobe doors or room dividing Doors the Choice is the same. Best to view the numerous Galleries first to get a feel for what your design taste is. From the galleries you can see finished Projects and take a note of the description of the image and colour of interest. If you are unsure of anything just give us a call and we will gladly help you make your selection as easy as possible.

1. Select Number of doors

And Door Format e.g. Full Panels, Split Panels, Moulded Panels

Full Panel

Split Panel

Moulded Panels

2. Select Surround Door Profile Colour

3. Select Panel Element & Colour

MFC & MDF Timber / Mirror & Coloured Glass / Timber High Gloss

Timber Panels

Mirror & Coloured Glass

High Gloss Timber