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Using Sliding Doors for School Storage

Here we used Upper Units with sliding door with shelving and a Locked Central Pocket door unit Containing a sink , Base units with shelfs with hinged doors all with Locks, Our systems are becoming more desirable by schools for it can be seen by those who decide and make the decisions on what products are used when schools are renovated how practical and robust our systems are. the flexibility of our systems are unlimited, we can have any material of your choice on the doors, in this case we installed pin board on some doors and on others we used white boards, a perfect solution for any class room. Using Sliding Doors for School Storage is an obvious choice given how robust our system is and with its added anti jump safety feature the worry of the doors falling out is no longer a concern, hence the choice of our system by numerous school principals and hotels owners throughout the country .

attached examples were installed in Colaisti Christ ri, turners cross , CBS Charliville , St. Augustines , Dungarvan.


Effortless Access and Increased Safety: Why Sliding Doors are Ideal for School Storage

1. Enhanced Security
Incorporating sliding doors in school storage provides improved safety and security.

2. Space Optimization
Sliding doors maximize the use of available space in school storage areas.

3. Easy Accessibility
Sliding doors offer effortless access to stored items, promoting efficiency and convenience.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing
Sliding doors add a modern and visually appealing touch to school storage facilities.

5. Durability and Longevity
Sliding doors are designed to withstand heavy usage and provide long-lasting functionality.

6. Noise Reduction
Sliding doors minimize noise disruptions in the school environment, ensuring a quieter atmosphere.

7. Customization Options
Sliding doors can be tailored to fit specific school storage requirements, allowing for flexibility.

8. Cost-Effective Solution
Using sliding doors for school storage offers a cost-effective solution in terms of maintenance and energy efficiency.

9. Increased Organization
Sliding doors contribute to a more organized school storage system, facilitating easy item retrieval.

10. Positive Impact on School Environment
Implementing sliding doors in school storage promotes a positive and modern image for the institution.














Colour – Dust Grey

Door Profile – Silver alloy

Door Panels – Pin Board and Central Panels White Board