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Understanding the Cost of Built-in Wardrobes in Ireland

Built-in wardrobes can vary in cost depending on several factors such as materials, size, and design complexity. It is important to consider the quality of materials and craftsmanship when determining the overall cost. Additionally, additional features such as lighting, sliding doors, or custom shelving can also impact the final price. To get an accurate estimate, it is recommended to consult with a professional wardrobe installer who can provide a detailed quote based on your specific needs and preferences.

Built-in wardrobes are an ideal way to make the most of limited storage space in any room. In Ireland, the cost of installing these wardrobes can vary depending on factors such as the type, size, panel colour and type, as well as the width.

This article will provide an overview of the different types of wardrobes, their prices, and the factors that affect the cost of installation.

Key Takeaways

  • Built-in wardrobes in Ireland are popular due to their design options, tailored fit, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Factors such as panel color, type, width, and price range influence the cost of built-in wardrobes.
  • Sliding wardrobes offer a sleek and modern design, combining functionality and aesthetics.
  • Bedroom and living room wardrobes come in various designs and materials, enhancing the aesthetics and utility of the space.

Built-in wardrobes are becoming increasingly common in modern residences in Ireland. This is owing to the wide range of design possibilities available, the ease of having a wardrobe fitted to the size and form of the space, and the cost-effectiveness of having a built-in wardrobe.

The Importance of Built-in Wardrobes in Modern Homes

Built-in wardrobes have become a must-have feature in many modern homes. Unlike standalone closets and dressers, built-ins make the most of available space and provide customized storage solutions. They can be designed to fit the precise contours of any room and maximize every nook and cranny.

The integrated design looks sleek and streamlined. Built-ins also provide versatility in configuring shelves, racks, and drawers for optimized organization. By keeping clothing and accessories concealed behind closet doors, built-ins maintain a tidy and decluttered aesthetic. With flexibility in interior fittings and materials like wood or laminate, built-in wardrobes add both form and function to any modern living space.

We will additionally look over the aspects that influence their pricing, as well as the cost of built-in wardrobes in Cork and Dublin.

Built-in closets may increase the value of a property by blending in with the current décor.

Factors Influencing Wardrobe Prices in Ireland

For homeowners wishing to make a wise investment, it is essential to consider the numerous aspects that might impact the cost of built-in wardrobes in Ireland.

Common panel colors include white, ivory, and cream, while panel types vary from solid wood to timber, mirror, and painted glass.

Widths range from 150cm and prices can start from €800 for basic wardrobes, up to €920 for more luxurious builds.

Sliding Wardrobes: Elegance Meets Functionality

Sliding wardrobes offer a sleek and modern design that combines functionality and aesthetics, making them a popular choice for many homeowners in Ireland. They come in a range of colors, panel types, and widths, and can be found at a range of prices from €800.00 to €1820.00.

In this article, we will focus on the sliding wardrobe offerings from Sliding Wardrobes Direct and Slide Robes.

Introduction to Sliding Wardrobes

Slide Robs Prices Ireland provides a range of products to meet all budgets and needs. They come in a variety of panel colours, including White, Ivory and Cream, and panel types such as Solid, Timber Wood, Mirror, and Painted Glass.

With widths of 150 cm, prices range from €800.00 to €1820.00. Slide robes Wardrobes provide an attractive and efficient storage solution, perfect for any room in the home. Sliding Wardrobes Prices Ireland is an affordable and stylish option for any budget.

Sliding Wardrobe Price Ranges in Ireland

Building upon the previous discussion, sliding wardrobes in Ireland offer elegance and functionality, ranging in price from €800.00 to €920.00. These slide robes come in various colors such as white, ivory, and cream, and a variety of panel types including solid, timber wood, mirror, and painted glass.

The width of these wardrobes is fixed at 150 cm. To calculate an accurate fitted wardrobe price, a price calculator can be used.

Focusing on Sliding Wardrobes Direct & Slide Robes

Continuing my discussion on built-in wardrobes in Ireland, I will now focus on the benefits of purchasing a sliding wardrobe from Sliding Wardrobes Direct and/or Slide robes.

Both companies offer a wide range of fitted wardrobes in Ireland, with panel colors such as white, ivory and cream, and panel types including solid, timber wood, mirror and painted glass.

With these options, customers can find the perfect wardrobe for their bedroom, living room, kids’ room or attic.

Bedroom Wardrobes: Enhancing Your Personal Space

Bedroom wardrobes are an essential element of house furniture.

In this post, we will look at the many types of bedroom wardrobes.

We will also go over the elements that influence their pricing, as well as the cost of built-in wardrobes in Cork and Dublin.

Popular Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Many of the most popular bedroom wardrobe designs feature color palettes of white, ivory, or cream, with panel types ranging from solid to timber wood, mirror, and painted glass. Built-in wardrobes can be custom-fitted for any bedroom, with options ranging from Slide robes Ireland to bedroom wardrobes fitted.

For those looking for a more modern look, mirror and painted glass panels provide a contemporary appeal. Solid panels, meanwhile, provide a timeless feel.

With a range of prices from €800.00 – €920.00, there’s a style to suit any budget.

Factors Determining Bedroom Wardrobe Prices

These include panel color, panel type, width, and price range.

Popular panel colors include white, ivory, and cream, while panel types range from solid, timber wood, mirror, and painted glass.

Widths range from 150 cm up, with prices ranging from €800.00 to €1820.00.

Special Mention: Built-in Wardrobes Cork & Dublin Prices

Although bedroom wardrobes are an important part of enhancing your personal space, built-in wardrobes in Cork and Dublin offer unique prices that must be taken into consideration:

  • Panel Color: White, Ivory, Cream
  • Panel Type: Solid, Timber Wood, Mirror, Painted Glass
  • Width: 150 cm
  • Price range: €800.00 – €1820.00

Living Room Wardrobes: Adding Aesthetic and Utility

Living room closets are a great way to improve the looks and functionality of your living room…

Why Consider Wardrobes for Living Rooms

For those looking to add both utility and aesthetic appeal to their living space, built-in wardrobes in Ireland offer a great solution.

  • Solid, Timber Wood, Mirror, or Painted Glass panels
  • Widths of 150 cm
  • White, Ivory, or Cream color options
  • Price range of €800.00 – €1820.00

Approximate Price Ranges and Influencing Factors

Frequently, built-in wardrobes in Ireland offer an ideal blend of aesthetic appeal and utility, especially for living rooms. Prices usually range from €800 – €920, depending on the panel type, color, and width.

Solid panels usually cost less than timber wood, while mirrors and painted glass will incur higher costs. Installation fees may also increase the overall cost.

Proper research and an understanding of the different factors influencing the price can help ensure a fiscally responsible wardrobe purchase.

Children’s Rooms: Wardrobes for the Young Ones

Built-in wardrobes are a great addition to any child’s room, as they bring both aesthetic and utility. They can also be customized to fit the size, style and color of any child’s room.

In this article, we will explore the appeal of fitted wardrobes in kids’ rooms and the pricing insights associated with them.

The Appeal of Fitted Wardrobes in Kids’ Rooms

Fitted wardrobes offer a great solution for children’s bedrooms, providing the perfect space for storing clothes, toys, and other essentials. They make use of otherwise wasted space, making the bedroom look more organized and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, they can be customized to fit any size room, making them a great option for kids’ rooms.

They are available in various colors and panel types, including solid, timber wood, mirror, and painted glass.

In terms of pricing, fitted wardrobes are reasonably priced, ranging from €800.00 to €1820.00. This makes them an affordable option for families looking to maximize storage space without breaking the bank.

Pricing Insights for Kids’ Wardrobes

When it comes to finding the perfect wardrobe for the young ones, price is an important factor to consider.

Popular options include white, ivory, or cream panels, solid, timber wood, mirrors, or painted glass.

Widths of 150 cm are common and prices typically range from €800.00 – €1820.00.

It’s important to consider both quality and cost when selecting the right wardrobe for your kids’ room.

Making the Most of Your Attic Space

Your attic is often an overlooked and underutilized space in your home. With some creativity and effort, your attic can be transformed into a functional and inviting area. Start by thoroughly cleaning and organizing the attic to eliminate clutter. Consider installing flooring and lighting to make the space more livable.

Turn your attic into a playroom, home office, or extra storage by adding furniture and décor. For extra storage, build custom shelving, cupboards, and containers. With imagination and elbow grease, your attic can gain valuable square footage and become a true asset to your home.

Why Opt for Attic Wardrobes

Attic wardrobes provide a smart storage solution to maximize unused attic space. Installing wardrobes transforms wasted square footage into functional storage areas. Attics allow for spacious walk-in wardrobes that cannot fit in regular bedrooms. The ample room in the attics accommodates wardrobes with customizable layouts to hold more clothing, linens, and accessories.

Often temperature-controlled, attic wardrobes prevent fabrics from damage compared to damp basements. Easy access from attached ladders or staircases enables convenience. For homeowners needing extra capacity without remodeling entire rooms, attic wardrobes are an efficient way to gain organized storage and make the most of this overlooked space in the home.

Benefits include:

* Sleek and stylish designs

* Increased storage space

* Durable and long-lasting

* Affordable price range (€800.00 – €1820.00)

Cost Estimations for Attic Wardrobes

The average cost of an attic wardrobe in Ireland can range from €800.00 to €920.00.

Depending on the panel type required, the price range can vary. Solid panels are the most affordable option, while timber wood, mirror and painted glass can be more costly.

The width of the wardrobe should also be taken into consideration, as wider wardrobes may incur additional costs.

It is important to consider all factors when budgeting for an attic wardrobe.

Utilizing Hallways: The Rise of Hallway Wardrobes

Because corridor space is sometimes disregarded, hallway closets are becoming more popular in Ireland. While these wardrobes are an excellent method to maximize available space, they demand a major commitment in both time and money.

The Practicality of Hallway Wardrobes

As space-saving solutions become increasingly popular, hallway wardrobes are becoming a more viable option for those looking to make the most of their hallway space. They provide practicality and style.

Options for hallway wardrobes include panel color, panel type, width, and price range.

Panel Color options include White, Ivory, and Cream.

Panel Type options include Solid, Timber Wood, Mirror, and Painted Glass.

The standard Width for hallway wardrobes is 150 cm.

The Price Range for hallway wardrobes typically falls between €800.00 and €1820.00.

Investment Required for Hallway Wardrobe Installation

Whenever contemplating hallway wardrobe installation, it is critical to understand the expenditure necessary in terms of both materials and personnel.

Prices range from €800.00 and €1820.00.

Labor costs will depend on the complexity of the installation, but can typically include the setup of the wardrobe, installation of any necessary hardware, and any other required tasks.

Wardrobe Doors: The First Impression Matters

Choosing the right wardrobe doors is an important step in creating the perfect look for your bedroom.

Exploring Sliding Wardrobe Doors in Ireland

They are available in:

  • White, Ivory, and Cream
  • Solid, Timber Wood, Mirror, or Painted Glass
  • Widths of up to 150 cm
  • The price range of €800.00 – €1820.00.

The right wardrobe doors can add a touch of sophistication and style to any room, making them an essential part of creating a stunning interior.

How important are sliding wardrobe doors in Ireland when it comes to making a good first impression?

The Cost Aspect: What to Expect When Choosing Doors

Solid panel doors tend to be the most cost-effective, while timber wood, mirror, and painted glass doors may be more expensive.

It is also worth noting that the color of the panel will also affect the overall price, with white, ivory, and cream options being the most common.

Calculating Your Wardrobe Investment

Purchasing a new wardrobe is a significant investment that requires careful budgeting. Start by measuring your space and designing a layout to suit your needs. Consider the materials – solid wood or plywood cost more than MDF or laminates. Door styles like sliding, hinged, or mirrored impact price as well. Factor in interior fittings like shelves, drawers, and hanging rods. Lighting and accessories add cost.

Don’t forget the delivery and installation fees. Review warranties and after-sales service. Get quotes from multiple retailers and negotiate discounts on big-ticket wardrobes. With realistic expectations set, you can allocate funds accordingly and feel confident in your wardrobe investment decision. Focusing on value over price will reward you with years of organized storage and stylish function.

Introducing the Fitted Wardrobe Price Calculator

The calculator allows you to:

  • Select the panel color: White, Ivory, Cream
  • Choose the panel type: Solid, Timber Wood, Mirror, Painted Glass
  • Specify the width: 150 cm
  • View the price range: €800.00 – €1820.00.

With this tool, you can easily estimate the cost of your fitted wardrobe and plan your budget accordingly.

Factors the Calculator Considers

Whenever calculating the investment you will make in your fitted wardrobe, it is important to consider the various factors the Fitted Wardrobe Price Calculator takes into account.

These include panel color, panel type, width, and price range.

Common choices for panel color are white, ivory, and cream.

For panel type, solid, timber wood, mirror, and painted glass are available.

Widths range from 150 cm.

Prices may vary from €800.00 to €1820.00.

Being aware of these factors can help you make an informed decision.

Slide Robes: A Name Synonymous with Quality

In the world of built-in wardrobes, the word Slide robes is synonymous with quality and perfection. They provide the ideal wardrobe solutions for each room in the house, with a vast choice of panel colors, panel kinds, widths, and pricing ranges.

Comparative price analysis of Slide robes versus other brands is a must for anyone looking to invest in a wardrobe.

Delving into Slide Robes Wardrobes and Offerings

Many consumers are familiar with Slide robes’ reputation for providing high-quality built-in wardrobes in Ireland.

Slide robes’ panels come in a variety of colors, including white, ivory, and cream. Additionally, customers have the option to choose between different panel materials, such as solid wood, timber wood, mirror, or painted glass.

All of these wardrobe options are available in a standard width of 150 cm, making them suitable for various room sizes.

Comparative Price Analysis: Slide robes vs. Other Brands

With its reputation for high-quality built-in wardrobes, Slide robes’ name has become synonymous with excellence, and its prices are often compared to those of other brands.

Their width is 150 cm, with a price range of €800.00 to €1820.00.

Alternatives may be cheaper, but may not offer the same level of quality. Slide robes is the perfect choice if you want something that will last.

Final Thoughts

Finally, built-in wardrobes in Ireland might be a costly purchase. Prices for a 150 cm wide wardrobe with a variety of panel colors and kinds range from €800.00 to €920.00. Considerations to keep in mind include panel color options such as white, ivory, and cream. Additionally, panel-type options include solid, timber wood, mirrors, and painted glass. The price range for these wardrobes is €800.00 – €920.00. When choosing the right wardrobe for your needs, it is crucial to carefully weigh all of these factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Different Types of Materials Available for Wardrobes?

Wardrobes are typically made from solid wood, timber, mirror, or painted glass panels. Customers can choose from a range of colors, including white, ivory, and cream.

Are There Any Warranties Available for Wardrobes?

Most wardrobes come with manufacturer warranties, covering defects in workmanship and materials. Some companies may also offer extended warranties at an additional cost. It is important to read the terms and conditions of any warranty before making a purchase.

What Is the Average Installation Time for Wardrobes?

The average installation time for wardrobes is between 3-6 hours. Professional installation is recommended to ensure the wardrobe is installed correctly.

Are There Any Special Discounts Available for Wardrobes?

Special discounts for wardrobes may vary depending on the retailer. It’s best to ask the store directly to find out what kinds of discounts they offer.

How Can I Ensure That My Wardrobes Remain in Good Condition?

To ensure your wardrobes remain in good condition, regularly clean the panels and use appropriate materials when dusting. Be mindful of any liquid spills and check for signs of wear and tear. Additionally, use hardware that is designed for long-term use.