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A Single Room Dividing Door installed in an Appartment recently. The Door is Closing off a hallway from a Living area. Previously there was a Regular hinged Door here but client was never happy with it because it was opening right on to an area where a couch was positioned and it was always getting in the way and it also made the the hallway very claustrophobic and dark when closed . Now the sliding door is a way more user friendly, by simply sliding the door behind the couch saving that all important space while also been far more attractive looking and modern and also letting alot more light in to a once dark hall way. Door structure is Slide Glide Elite Silver Alloy frame with inset panels of Toughened Satinised glass and white high gloss Acrylic , Sliding System is Slide Glide TW 10 Top Hanging System ( note no Base Track ) Pelmet is White High gloss Acrylic