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 3. Steps to Choosing your Complete Made to Measure Sliding Wardrobe


1. Choose your Wardrobe Design, (a) wardrobe module (b) Approximate Width range (c) Internal panel colour. ( to go to Wardrobe Interiors Selection click here )

2..  Choose your External Jam Panels and fillers Design  (a) Design Format to suit room situation (b) Select width Range (c) choose Colour.  ( To go to External Jam Panels and Fillers Selection click here )

3.  Choose your Approximate Wardrobe Doors  (a) Width range (b) Door Number (c) Door colours ,    ( To go to Door Selection click here )


( Regarding Dimensions Just Select the Width Range for Now, We will Email and Phone you to Confirm after receiving your order or inquiry. Once Confirmed in detail we will make your selection to your Precise Width and Height dimensions.

 Please Note !  Costs shown represent a  Supply only Service on a  Self Install basis,  if you require a Design and Fit Service, please contact your nearest showroom and one of our designers can create a quotation for you that includes Installation.

  Step 1.    Interiors click here

 Step 2.   Externals click here

Step 3.     Doors click here

 Wardrobe and Cabinet Components click here

 We stock A complete range of wardrobe and cabinet door components , be it timber or glass inset Panels we can supply both to suit various construction methods